Timehop: Nassau & Next Crew

Alright, so we are a bit behind here in terms of where we actually are in our travels, although Peter's guest post did a great job summarizing the rest of that portion of the trip. Now that we finally have some wifi here in Georgetown, Exumas Bahamas, we will have a few post over the next few days to get caught up to date. 

The day that Peter and Rishee departed, we took off to Nassau to pick up our next two crew members. Rob was planning to depart with Peter and Rishee in Marsh Harbor, but had to stick with us for another day to make his way to the US Embassy in Nassau to apply for a new passport. It really is amazing what you can lose in such a small space.

The sail to Nassau was just around 90 nautical miles, and took us roughly 18 hours, not bad at all!  A marina was booked and a new heat exchanger was waiting for us to hopefully finally put an end to our coolant issues. We planned two days for removing the old heat exchanger, and the installation of the new one, then off to the Exumas, Bahamas.  Good news: it was much easier to take the old heat exchanger off than we expected, so we thought we'd get it done in a day. Bad news: after we had the old heat exchanger out, we realized the our new heat exchanger was the wrong part. We spent the second day trying to figure out our best options. Ultimately, we decided to put our leaking heat exchanger back on and limp our way down to Georgetown where the correct one would meet us with our next crew member. Nothing like refilling your coolant up every time you start the engine :) (we're using water now since its all getting leaked out into the ocean via our raw water circuit) .