Paramotoring Video from Georgetown, Exumas!

As we set sail on this year long adventure, Travis and I both had a number of skills that we wanted to work on with all of the theoretical down time ahead of us. These ranged from reading more, honing our culinary skills, Travis picking back up the battle axe (read: guitar), staying in shape, and the list goes on. One of the personal challenges I set for myself from the get-go was to document our escapades during the trip through photos and specifically through video. I have no previous editing experience so before pushing off I snagged some tutorials to help me get started. I've been burning through these in the past few weeks and I've just completed my first edit. 

The below video is compiled from both my GoPro footage and videos shared from friendly sailors of a few incredible paramotor flights that I took over the last week here in Georgetown. There are over 350 sailboats anchored in town and it's crazy to see them all anchored in the crystal clear Exuma waters. Check it out!