Guest Post: The Peter Piper

Quick Trip Summary

The idea for my trip started back in November. Lars and Trav called me on a Thursday saying they were thinking about coming in town the next day to scope out some boats. They got to join for a night out for Gaby's bday and crashed in our place for the night. We talked about their master plan for a year trip, sailing the caribbean and mediterranean on a yet to be identified boat more than 1000 miles from where either of them lived. I marked two weeks for vacation, but fully expected to be lounging around my house when plans fell through for this crazy boat idea.

 FLL->MIA->Bimini->Berry Islands-> Abacos

FLL->MIA->Bimini->Berry Islands->Abacos

Jan 10 - threw a party for Nico's 5th birthday in Miami
Jan 11 - ran a bunch of last minute errands with Gaby and got delivered to the boat in FLL
Jan 12 - last trip to Walmart, went down the ICW, anchored at CGSC and hit happy hour at Monty's
Jan 13 - pushed off before sunrise, crossed to bimini, anchored off CJ's
Jan 14 - Morning swim and run on beach, kiteboarding in afternoon
Jan 15 - Rishee arrived, lobster at Star's, flew the drone, sunset on beach
Jan 16 - left at 5am for Berry islands, 15-25 kt winds, 4-8 ft seas, 16 hour sail, vommit
Jan 17 - caught a jack, barracuda, snapper, and shark, had a rum runner at Great Harbor
Jan 18 - sailed down to Hoffman's Cay, found the blue hole, caught 3 lobsters
Jan 19 - toilet repairs, speared 2 groupers and 4 lionfish, dingy to island for bonfire dinner
Jan 20 - left to Sandy Point, ran 3 miles on the beach, cracked conch dinner at Sunset's
Jan 21 - best sailing day, up to Cherokee Point, caught yellowtail and tuna and lobster = best dinner
Jan 22 - sailed up to Pelican Cay's Natnl Park
Jan 23 - kiteboarding, sunset sail up to Marsh Harbour, jumped off 45 ft mast spreader, 5 cocktail flight, dinner at Conchy Joe's
Jan 24 - morning yoga, packed, 2 hour bike ride, lunch at Snappa's, flight home to FLL

Joining Bueller? See these tips and checklist:

Some obvious and not-so-obvious things you should consider bringing. Ask the cap'n beforehand what they may need from the states. Bring extra supplies to leave with the boat - especially things that are much easier/cheaper to get in the US.


  1. sunscreen
  2. hat and sun shirt/rash guard
  3. mask and snorkel
  4. flashlight/headlamp
  5. fresh fruits and veggies - ask about other food or kitchen items
  6. TP, wipees
  7. kiteboarding gear or other watersports equipment - I donated a kite to the boat for guests/learners
  8. cameras and external USB drive to collect everyone elses pics
  9. undies - really the only piece of laundry you will need fresh and clean each day
  10. waterproof pouch
  11. sunglasses with case and neck cord
  12. books/kindle - In addition to my books, I read the ASA sailing 101 and The Long Way from the boat library
  13. fishing gear - lures, line, etc - ask what they need
  14. granola bars
  15. passport and backup photocopy/digital copy
  16. anything else the crew may be craving from Amazon
  17. journal/writing
  18. US cash monies (or local, ask the crew)

Bon Voyage,

Peter Piper

Pics and Vids

***Explicit language. #sorrynotsorry

 Back home playing Legos :)

Back home playing Legos :)