Timehop: Bimini to the Berries

The Passage

Bimini to Berries was a 70 +nautical mile sail. Our goal was to arrive during daylight as that is alway better practice in new anchorages. We new we were going to have some wind so figured we could make it there a little before dusk if we left at 3am, averaging a little over five knots. Bueller halls 6-7 knots in decent wind. 

The motor out of Bimini was pleasant, as was the first two hours of sailing. A squall hit around 10am, and wind picked 15 knots to 25 - 30 knots and stayed there much of the rest of the day. The seas built with the wind, and we were getting hit with 8-10 foot rollers straight on the side, which made for a very uncomfortable ride.

We finally arrived in Great Harbor Bay around 9pm. There happened to be a mooring ball in the bay. It probably wasn’t for us to use, but at that point we didn’t care. We grabbed it, made some soup, and went to bed after the beating we all took that day.

Short video around 10am from our crossing. This is just after the first squall had passed.


The next morning, we got an early jump on sailing on down to a bay in Great Harbor Cay, not to be confused with Great Harbor Bay (so many great harbors :)). Great day of light winds, light seas, and the fish were biting. In the 5 mile trip we caught 8 fish, 6 Barracudas (fun to fight, but not to eat), an Amber Jack (edible), and an amazing Red Snapper (edible & delicious). Unfortunately, some other carnivore also admired the fish and took some for himself before we could get it in the boat. We also had some fun with a five foot black tip reef shark while anchored, but decided to not invite him onto the boat.

Hoffmans & Devils Cay

We continued moving the following day to a little bay between Devil’s Cay and Hoffman’s Cay. The bay had a couple of smaller reefs with pretty good snorkeling and a chance for us to try out our pole spears and lobster tickler. Peter was chief hunter, grabbing 3 lobsters, killing a few lion fish (invasive reef fish species), and snagging a Red Grouper with pole spear. Delicious!

The other point of interest at Hoffman's Cay was the a blue hole on the island, a vertical cave of sorts that stretches through the land and into the ocean. Check out the pics from the beach and the blue hole.

Also, can't not highlight Rob ("Goofy's") first attempt at a backflip from a 20 foot cliff into the blue hole. Took a lot of guts to try it, ended great for us but not great for him.

Rob's ("Goofy's" 1st backflip attempt ever off of a 20 foot cliff at the Blue Hole in Hoffman's Cay, Bahamas