Why hello there

I suppose it's about time for a bit of an introduction. My name is Lars Lindstrom and together with my buddy Travis Jones, we will be using this site to help document the year-long sailing trip that we are embarking upon in January 2015. We've been a bit restless the last few months as Travis and I have been feverishly searching the East Coast for the boat that will be both our home and our transportation on our upcoming adventure.

I'm happy to report that after weeks of research and then traveling to boats scattered up and down the coast, we have found ourselves a vessel!! The boat is a 2002 Beneteau 393 which is currently docked just north of Fort Lauderdale, FL. We are in the final stages of the purchasing process and barring some unforeseen circumstances the boat will officially be ours on December 18th, 2014. 

With our chariot finally found we can at last start planning a rough timeline on where and when we will be departing for the great blue yonder. Although schedules and sailing aren't the best of friends, our current plan is to head for Bimini, the first island of the Bahamas, by mid January and continue down the island chain at whatever pace we see fit. The only hard deadline on our calendar is May 9th which is when 20 or 30 other boats will be leaving to crossing the Atlantic from Virgin Gorda, BVI (ARC Itinerary). This gives us three months to explore the Caribbean before we need to make the call as to whether we will do the crossing and cruise the Mediterranean or continue down the island chain and enjoy the many less traveled islands reaching all the way down to South America. 

For now, however, Travis and I have more immediate tasks such as selling and storing all our worldly possessions and finding out whether our battery system can handle the continuous use of a margarita mixer. Tough decisions abound.